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Powelton Village was built on land that was held by two families: the Powel family and the Bingham-Baring family. The first houses were built in the Italianate style beginning in 1859-’60. Over the subsequent 50 years houses were built in Powelton in every important style of Victorian architecture. Because of this architectural diversity and its social history, Powelton Village was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985.

Interactive Property Map of Powelton History: The Interactive Map provides easy access to photos and information about each house and the people who lived there.

Map of Powelton

Pictures of Beautiful Powelton

History of Powelton Village

Description and Statement of Significance of the Powelton Village Historic District

The Powelton community [map] that exists in the late twentieth century is the result of three stages of building decisions: One in the early nineteenth century when great estates were built there; another in the middle of the century when street and rail lines made it a successful upper-class suburb; followed at the end of the century by a phase of dense urban building.

- Inventory of Buildings in Powelton, taken from the application submitted to the national register of Historic Places.

Note: this text has been scanned and edited to be placed on the web. There are errors, which I'll be glad to fix if they're pointed out. I'm sure some neighbors have done more research on their homes than exists in these documents. Within reason I'd be glad to include that, pictures, or other information about specific homes or buildings... probably in the form of a link from the address. ---> mjones1@swarthmore.edu

Lancaster Avenue
Arch Street
Race Street
Winter Street
Summer Street
Powelton Avenue
Pearl Street
Baring Street
Hamilton Street
Spring Garden Street

North 32nd Street
North 33rd Street
North 34th Street
North 35th Street
North 36th Street
North 37th Street
North 38th Street
North 39th Street

- PDF Version of the National Register of Historic Places Nomination. This duplicates the information above and consists of two large pdf formatted files. Source: Pennsylvania's Historic Architecture & Archaeology.

- Powelton Village Historic District - Description and Inventory of Buildings

An "electric traffic cop" goes on trial duty today at the northwest corner of 35th and Powelton Avenue, ca 1920 - 1929. The view is looking east on Powelton Avenue and the arrow points to the "robot" device. This image and many other GREAT images are available in Temple's Archival Collections Database.


The Building of West Philadelphia (M. Grubel)

Fascinating web site surveying the history of West Philadelphia architecture. Of particular interest are the links below to the maps section of the web site and plates showing the development of West Philadelphia and the area which becomes Powelton Village.

The transformation of West Philadelphia from a collection of rural estates and small industrial villages into a suburban development took place largely from the 1850s through the 1920s. This website was created to help residents understand their houses. Its focus is on the area covered by the University of Pennsylvania's Community Housing Program, and more generally the area now covered by the University City District. The website has three broad catagories that can be explored; a history of the area, an overview of the architecture, and research tools.

HISTORICAL MAPS, 1750 - 1930 information courtesy of M. Grubel and the University of Pennsylvania's Community Housing Program.

1749 N. Scull and G. Heap, Philadelphia and Parts Adjacent
1850 Section from Rea & Miller, Map of Blockley Twp. [includes West Philadelphia and portion of Kingsessing Twp.]
1872 Hopkins Atlas of West Philadelphia
1878 Scott's Atlas of West Philadelphia
1886 Baist, Atlas of West Philadelphia
1895 Bromley, Atlas of Philadelphia
1927 Bromley, Atlas of Philadelphia


Historic Sites in Powelton Village (Links to University City Historical Society)

Frederick A. Poth Houses
3301-3311 Powelton Ave.

Poth and Schmidt Development Houses
3306-3316 Arch St.

The Powelton Apartments
3500-3520 Powelton Ave., 214-218 N. 35th St., and 215-221 N. 36th St.

John Shedwick Development Houses
3433-3439 Lancaster Ave.

The Philadelphia Armory
32nd St. and Lancaster Ave.

30th Street Station

Centennial Bank
3200 Market St.
designed by Frank Furness

From the Powelton Post

Samuel Powel and Powelton 1783 - 1793

Tales of Powelton Past - September 2000

Tales of Powelton Past - October 2000

Tales of Powelton Past - January 2001

Tales of Powelton Past - March 2001

University City Historical Society

Preservation Studio Report

The Studio component of the Graduate Program in Historic Preservation at the University of Pennsylvania takes an interdisciplinary approach to historic preservation. For one semester, students from diverse backgrounds and fields of study participate in an integrated effort to identify and preserve the values inherent in a cultural site.

During the Fall 2001 semester, the Studio studied Powelton Village. Using principles outlined in the Burra Charter, the Studio adopted a value-driven framework for preservation planning.